squidlib-util 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT

Utilities that don't fit elsewhere in SquidLib; mostly text manipulation, compression, and helper code.
Annotations used elsewhere in SquidLib.
Interfaces for panels in GUIs/TUIs; these do not depend on any particular implementation of a color type.
Tools for finding paths, optimizing targets for area-of-effect (AOE) abilities, and evaluating influence on a grid.
Graphs and graph algorithms used primarily (but not exclusively) for pathfinding.
Tools for working with data on a grid, including LOS and FOV; overlaps with geometry code in squidpony.squidmath .
Iterators that allow traversal of Coord points on a map's grid.
Tools specifically for generating maps and placing content in them, usually working with 2D char arrays.
Support code for working with tiled dungeon generation; normally only TilesetType is used outside SquidLib.
Ways to represent different types of areas in 2D space; not recommended, most new code uses GreasedRegion.
A very broad package containing random number generators, geometry tools, data structures, and noise functions.
Internally used; see TilesetType members for the actual documentation.